Inquisition Tattoo
Old School Tattoo Needles

  Inquisition Tattoo is a company that was created by a tattooer for tattooers. What initially started out as a tattoo shop, soon outgrew the physical limits of brick and mortar store, and started acquiring it's online presence by offering a wide variety of high quality tattoo needles and custom made tattoo machines by Mike Metaxa. Currently, our company manufactures 2 brands of tattoo needles known under the names of Inquisition Tattoo, and Ganesha. Inquisition Tattoo proudly calls their needles 'old school', referring to unparalleled quality of the products. All configurations that can be found in our store have been carefully constructed and multiple-tested by us to ensure optimal results before being offered for sale. Our philosophy is: if tattooing is an art, and a tattooer is an artist, then using the best tools and materials is a necessity that helps preserve the masterpiece for years to come.